An Adoption Attorney Can Help You Overcome Challenges

When you decide to adopt a child, issues often arise. Technically, you do not need an adoption attorney supporting you, but you will probably want one helping you overcome the issues.

There are laws you will need to understand, deadlines to meet and forms and documents to file. I am Attorney Ashlei Dior Gradney, the lead attorney at Gradney, PC. I am an experienced family law attorney and I understand the complicated Texas adoption laws.

Adoption Requirements

There are some adoption issues and laws that make assistance from an experienced adoption lawyer invaluable.

With a few exceptions, Texas allows most adults to adopt. If the person adopting is married, their partner will have to join the adoption. The only exception to this is when the person adopting is the biological parent.

Unless it is waived by the court, the child will have to live in the home for at least six months before the adoption can become final. Children age 12 and older have the right to approve their adoption. If there are issues with the adoption, you have six months to challenge the denial.

Closed Vs. Closed Adoptions

There are two adoption options:

Closed adoptions. There is no contact between the adoptive and birth parents. The files usually remain sealed.

Open adoptions. The adoptive parents meet and often stay in touch with the birth parents.

There are benefits to both. I can help you work through and decide which is best for you and your new child.

Freedom To Serve Children Act

In 2017, Texas passed the Freedom To Service Children act that allows faith-based agencies to deny adoptions based on religious grounds. It also protects these agencies from lawsuits. This act is very controversial, as some people view it as a way to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals, religious minorities and others. If you think an agency might use the act against you, contact me. I will meet with you personally and together we can look at the challenges. I will counsel you and we will investigate your legal options.

Assistance For All Adoption Issues

Legally, you do not need an attorney. However, there are challenging details and issues that you do not want to tackle alone. If you have adoption issues in Texas, call my Dallas office at 214-699-4068 or email us.

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