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The biggest loss most parents feel after a divorce is the more limited time they are allowed to spend with their children. If there is one thing worth fighting for, it is the time you are allowed to be with your children. If you have custody or visitation issues in Texas, call Gradney, PC. I will be your compassionate family law attorney.

Types Of Custody

When there is a divorce, your family unit will change, and it can negatively impact children. Texas laws are in place to protect children and ensure decisions are in their best interest.

There are two forms of custody: managing and possessory conservator.

  • Managing: Allows parents to make the child's legal, financial and medical decisions.
  • Possessory: The parent has the right to access and visit the child, but they may not have the authority or final say in legal decisions.

However, parents are encouraged to make joint custody agreements. There are also situations that require third-party custody. There are also custody arrangements based on the conduct of the parents.

Visitation And Possession Orders

The court encourages parents to make custody and visitation agreements. However, with the animosity and bad feelings that frequently come with a divorce, that is not always possible. Possession orders are court orders that dictate the time noncustodial parents and their children can spend together.

The possession orders guarantee the rights of both parents to spend time with their children. There are three types:

Standard Possession Orders

These orders guarantee noncustodial parents visitation rights. There are variations depending on whether you live within 100 miles or further apart or for children under 3 years old.

Modified Possession Orders

If either parent or the judge contests the Standard Possession Order, it can be modified.

Supervised Possession Orders

When the safety of the children is an issue, a judge can order supervised visits.

Personalized Care Based On Your Needs

All parenting situations, including custody and visitation issues, are unique. I understand Texas laws and how they can affect parents and children. I will be your advocate as we work through your specific legal issues.

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