Will divorce destroy my finances?

Posted by Ashlei Gradney | Jun 03, 2021 | 0 Comments

One thing that may hold you back from divorce is the financial aspect. You might have heard horror stories about people spending hundreds of thousands fighting for assets, only to lose them.

Terrifying, isn't it? Here's what to focus on instead.

Most divorces are not the financial disasters that people anticipate

First, remember that things you read in the press or hear people gossiping about are not always accurate. Second, people tend to relay the stand-out stories more than the average event. So for every person whose divorce really was a financial disaster, there are hundreds whose divorce passed without drama.

Divorce does have a price, and it may take you time to build your finances back up to what they once were. Yet remaining in a failed marriage is unlikely to benefit your finances either, let alone your happiness.

Take action early to reduce the potential for financial damage in divorce

Entering divorce without understanding your finances hands your spouse a significant advantage. Gather as much information about where you and your spouse have money held or invested. If they refuse you access to this data, you can seek access through a court order.

A basic understanding of divorce laws is also essential. For instance, you need to know that Texas is a community property state. Most things bought or gained since you married belong to both of you, and you need to divide them in divorce. So the sports car your spouse purchased a year ago might be as much yours as theirs, despite the fact they never let you drive it. Yet, they may not need to share an inheritance or divide up the vacation home they bought before the marriage began.

The prospect of divorce can seem overwhelming. Getting legal support and browsing the information available online about property division will help your divorce goes smoothly without providing fuel for gossip.

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